A complete reading solution

For those readers who like to stay connected and do not consider compromises.

Bookeen offers a complete and solid ecosystem that adapts to the user’s needs.

Everything for the user-friendly experience.

French and Innovative

From 2003 Bookeen has been creating innovations and is the one and only French company to offer a 360 ereading experience. Bookeen is the French Tech company.

french tech

In the heart of the e-reading world

Surpassing the quality and the performance imperatives, Bookeen always adapts to the partner's needs in order to propose the best of the best in terms of e-reading solutions today

1Ebook store Solutions

The blend of the new technologies and the experience of our team brings excellency to:

  • Reading and buying experience (ereaders, webstore, mobile apps)
  • Ecommerce platforms (animation, analytics, backend, CRM)
  • Content management (author’s rights, DRM, Cloud)

2Top-notch software solution

Bookeen offers a thorough software approach for Ios, Android, ereaders and many more. A personal cross-platform approach helps the final user find his favourite features in all the available applications.

3Cutting Edge technology for the ereaders

Mostly, our teams are based in France, but also in China in order to design, develop and produce our ereaders to the taste and comfort of our clients.

Our ereader, as a Bookeen brand or as a white label version, is the best option for selling content today. The e-store inside is perfectly adapted to the Eink technologies and is in synchronization with the cloud.

The French Touch design can be seen in all of our models, developped since 2003. The Made in France design is recognised for it’s quality all over the world.

Our various ereading solutions are used in more than 20 countries : France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Finaland, Noway, Russia, Brazil... You name it !

Please contact us if you want to find out more ! We are eager to help !