Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2 Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2 Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2 Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2 Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2 Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2 Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2 Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2
  • Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2
  • Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2
  • Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2
  • Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2
  • Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2
  • Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2
  • Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2
  • Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2
Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2

With the new Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2, Bookeen proposes a reader with the last generation lighting system.

With this new version, Bookeen offers a Cybook with homogeneous light, new interface, new features and a beautiful E-ink HD screen for a much more comfortable reading.


Discover Cybook Odyssey Frontlight2

E Ink® Pearl HD tactile screen

The Cybook Odyssey Frontlight2 offers the latest lighting solution through an invisible film.
The interface offers twenty levels of FrontLight screen to optimise the quality of contrast without causing any eye strain.
For a whiter screen, simply activate the FrontLight; the FrontLight can be used in any conditions.

Generic display

E Ink screen pearl HD

The E-ink HD technology offers an amazing screen.

With the screen 213 PPP HD, Cybook Odyssey by Bookeen offers a spectacular resolution: 62 % more of pixels than the existing readers. All of the letters,traits benefit from the high resolution of 758 x 1024.

New interface full of air and space - rich and intuitive.

An enriched interface that is much more intuitive at the same time. Food for thought that is friendly to your eyes. Annotations manager, text search, collections... the new interface simplifies your reading and your life.

The web is your ebookstore!

Because the Cybook offers an open browser, feel free to visit ebook stores or digital libraries to download the ebooks of your choice. In just a few seconds every reading desire can be available into your Cybook!

A new PDF Reflow mode

For PDF users, this new software feature makes reading as easy as possible. Activate the feature and enjoy your flawless PDF reading.

A thoughtful design for any situation

The weight of this Cybook is 190 g that makes it one of the lightest readers in the world. It is thinner than a magazine or a book (only 9,4 mm).

Touch and physical buttons

The Cybook Odyssey is one of the few readers to offer a perfect touch screen management AND mechanical buttons. These backward and forward page buttons can also be inverted in the settings to fit the use or preferences of customers (left or right handed).

Weeks of battery life

The choice of Cybook Odyssey FrontLight2 is the choice of a companion, that will follow you wherever you go in all of your readings. Numerous weeks of battery life with an everyday use of FrontLight.

Wi-Fi connection & open web browser

With a Wi-Fi connection and an open Internet browser, step into the world of books and of everything you love... Download from any ebook shop.

Free dictionaries

Three dictionaries (French, German, Italian) are offered with your Cybook. All you have to do is touch any word with your finger and its definition pops up immediately!

A range of accessories for your Cybook Odyssey*

Associate your Cybook Odyssey to one of the thin and elegant folio covers (black, red, red vermillion, brown, pink, old pink). You can also add the USB European charger.
*Box contains USB cable only.

100 books included, to start reading right away

A library of hundreds of books (in English, French...) is offered with the Cybook Odyssey in order to start reading as soon as you open the box!

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Technical specifications

Display 6" E Ink© Pearl V220 HD
Touchscreen Capacitive multi-touch
Resolution 758x1024, 213 DPI
FrontLight Invisible laminated light guide film. Anti-glare treatment. 20 levels of FrontLightning on the touch screen.
CPU All winner A13 cortex A8 (1 GHz)
Weight 190g / 6.70 oz
Size 166 x 120 x 9,4 mm
Memory 4 GB iNAND + MicroSDHC up to 32GB
OS Linux
Buttons Dedicated buttons to turn pages + main Menu/FrontLight button
Software features PDF reflow / annotations manager / text search/ bookmarks / highlights / dictionaries / 20 font sizes / personalization screensaver mode / collections
Web Browser WebKit Based
Battery life 1 600 mAh
Weeks of battery life, even with activated FrontLight
Content ebook formats EPUB, PDF, Adobe DRM, HTML, TXT, FB2
Content picture formats JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO, TIF, PSD
Connectivity Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)
Languages The user interface is available in 25 languages: Czech, Danish, German, Dutch, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Slovak, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese and Bulgarian.
Firmware Upgrades OTA (Over The Air), SD card, USB connection
Activation OTA (Over The Air), USB connection
Shop interface HD Mobile optimized webshop
USB Micro USB 2.0 for transferring files and charging
Offered content Over 100 books offered
Warranty 1 year full service warranty