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Cybook Ocean

The world’s thinnest eReader enhances the page!

The Cybook Ocean offers an 8’’ E-ink screen, for a larger reading page! This eReader was entirely designed for an optimal reading comfort: large “edge to edge” screen, homogeneous lighting, new interface and unrivalled sharpness.


Discover the Cybook Ocean

A new dimension of reading!

A larger screen for the newest reading experience

The Cybook Ocean offers a spectacular reading surface with its enlarged screen: 79% additional surface in comparison to other standard 6" eReaders. With more text space, longer lines, less pages to turn, the Cybook Ocean proposes a brand new reading solution!

Read wherever you like and in any lightning conditions with the 8 inches E-ink screen. The quality of the screen provides a perfect display of your text.

Clear and Simple design

World’s thinnest eReader, its design required 2 years of research and development in order to optimize the technical parameters to create a larger surface within the limits of portability.The newest elegant design, developed in Paris and noble materials, such as glass and aluminium, make this eReader stand out. It is thin and light – everything you ever wanted in a reader! Only 7mm large, the Cybook Ocean weighs 300g. Such parameters make it perfect for holding in your hand and reading anyway you like. World’s thinnest eReader is a result of 2 years research and development. Our teams worked really hard in order to optimize the technical parameters and to create a larger surface within the limits of portability.

Flawlessly flat screen

Nothing can distract you from the text thanks to the perfectly designed screen. It is multi-touch and anti-glare. Moreover, the screen imitates the feeling of a real paper sheet.

Top-notch innovation

As you can see on the scheme, all of the elements were designed in order to create a very thin high-tech eReader. It's a real interactive page.

No "compromise" technology

Upgraded lightning technology

A unique lightning system is integrated into the Cybook Ocean. It is whiter and more homogenous. The light is directed onto the text and not to the reader’s eyes. Thanks to this FrontLight technology, it is possible to read in the dark without switching on the lights and disturbing your partner. Moreover, it does not harm or strain your eyes. You can read day and night with great comfort, it is totally addictive!

New uncluttered, enriched and intuitive interface

The interface is light, pure and sleek. The ergonomic design has been completely reinvented. This is where easy readability meets efficiency in navigation.

Moreover, the Cybook Ocean offers a rich interface with new features simplifying your reading experience, such as:

  • Creating collections
  • A follow-up of your position in the eBook
  • Text search
  • Organising notes
  • Numerous customizing options
  • New Text Parameters menu
  • A new PDF mode with a simplified layout

New ultra-optimized font!

The Cybook Ocean proposes an ultra-optimized font for e-readers: Caecilia. The precision, the clarity of the curves and sharpness of the contrast, no detail was omitted in order to make your reading as comfortable as possible.

Download freely!

A digital eBookstore is available 24H24. Close to 300.000 French eBooks can be downloaded in few secondes via Wi-Fi connection. The Bookeen Store allows you to access the most important publishers catalogs and helps you to choose your next eBook, wherever you are! The readers can also connect to all online bookstores thanks to the web browser: you can download hundreds of thousands eBooks. Every reading desire is possible with your Cybook!

New PDF Reflow mode

For PDF users, this new software feature makes reading as easy as possible. Activate the feature and enjoy your flawless PDF reading.

Nearly one month of battery life

The choice of Cybook Ocean is the choice of a companion that will follow you wherever you go in all of your daily readings! You will have nearly one month of battery life with an everyday use of FrontLight*.

*Reading about half an hour a day, WiFi turned off.

Literary dictionary to enrich your readings

Three dictionaries (French, German, Italian) are offered with your Cybook. All you have to do is touch any word with your finger and its definition pops up immediately!

Offered e-library to start reading right away!

A library of hundred of eBooks is offered with the Cybook Ocean and allows you to start reading as soon as you open the box!

Range of accessories for your Cybook Ocean*

The 6mm Cybooks Ocean folio covers offer a stylish protection which fits the eReader like a glove! According to your preference, 3 beautiful colors exist: black, red vermilion and pink. You can also add the USB European charger.

You can also use with your Cybook Ocean, the exclusive Bookeen Solar leaf cover. All it needs is a little bit of sun shine on the cover. The solar leaf pattern hides an invisible photovoltaic charging mechanism that makes the ereader almost autonomous.
*Box contains the Cybook, USB cable and the quick start guide only.

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Technical specifications

Multi-touch paper like display
  • Screen: 8’’ - E-Ink
  • Resolution: 1024x768 px
  • DPI: 160
  • 16 greyscale levels
  • Touchscreen: multi-touch capacitive (finger or adapted stylus only)
Fast & Powerful engine
  • CPU: Cortex A8 TI OMAP3611 (800 MHz)
  • RAM: 128 Mo LP DDR
FrontLight System
  • Invisible laminated light guide film
  • Anti-glare treatment
Battery life
  • Battery: rechargeable built-in Li-Polymer battery (2100 mAh)
  • Up to 1 month (according to use, WiFi disabled)
Compact and elegant design
  • “Flatview” design
  • Dimensions: 7.7’’x5.9’’x0.27’’ (196x150x7 mm)
  • Weight: 300g – 10.5oz (battery included)
  • Capacitive buttons for turning page & menu/FrontLight
  • 4 Go iNAND (approx. 4000 ebooks)
  • Expension slot: MicroSDHC up to 32 Go (approx. 32 000 eBooks)
  • MicroUSB (v2.0)
  • USB synchronization and charge cable
  • The user interface is available in 25 languages: Czech, Danish, German, Dutch, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Slovak, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese and Bulgarian.
Web Browser
  • WebKit Based
  • Embedded Linux
  • BooReader - Bookeen multi-format eBook reader
  • Adobe® Reader Mobile
Software features
  • Notes / Search / Bookmarks / Highlights / Line spacing / Margin / Dictionaries (depends on languages) / 20 font sizes / Personalization screensaver mode / PDF management tool / Classification folder and collection / Over a hundred of books
High Speed Ink System (HSIS)
  • Ultra-reactive user interface
  • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)
Content ebooks formats
  • ePub, PDF Adobe DRM, HTML, Txt, FB2, DJVU
Content picture formats
Firmware Upgrades
  • OTA (Over The Air), MicroSD, USB connection
  • OTA (Over The Air), USB connection
Offered content
  • Over 100 books offered
Ebookstore interface
  • E-Ink optimised eBookstore