Cybook Muse HD Cybook Muse HD Cybook Muse HD Cybook Muse HD Cybook Muse HD Cybook Muse HD Cybook Muse HD Cybook Muse HD
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  • Cybook Muse HD
  • Cybook Muse HD
  • Cybook Muse HD
  • Cybook Muse HD
  • Cybook Muse HD
Cybook Muse HD

The best eReading experience! The High Definition E-Ink display, the edge-to-edge sleek design, with a sweet gray soft touch casing, make the Cybook Muse HD the ultimate premium ereader.


Discover the Cybook Muse HD

New signature design

Flat design based on « edge to edge » screen technology offers exceptional page visibility.

Incomparable fineness for greater ease of use: only 8mm thick and weights 180g! The Cybook Muse HD easily glides into pockets or handbags for simplified mobility.
The Bookeen team reduced the e-reader size by 17% in comparison to its predecessor, the Cybook Odyssey, while still providing 6 inches of reading page.

Generic display

E Ink HD

E-ink HD screen: a pleasure for your eyes, night and day!

With its E-Ink Carta screen (1448 x 1072 px) and the best possible definition (300 DPI), your reading is even more enjoyable thanks to the point accuracy and the sharp characters! The Cybook Muse HD offers the latest lighting solution through an invisible film that makes your reading comfortable night and day. The interface offers twenty levels of light to optimise the quality of contrast without causing any eye strain. The FrontLight technology can be activated to obtain a whiter screen in any lighting conditions.

New uncluttered, enriched and intuitive interface

The interface is light, pure and sleek. The ergonomic design has been completely reinvented. This is where easy readability meets efficiency in navigation.

Moreover, the Cybook Muse HD offers a rich interface with new features simplifying your reading experience, such as:

  • Creating collections
  • A follow-up of your position in the eBook
  • Text search
  • Organising notes
  • Numerous customizing options
  • New Text Parameters menu
  • A new PDF mode with a simplified layout

New ultra-optimized font!

The Cybook Muse HD proposes an ultra-optimized font for e-readers: Caecilia. The precision, the clarity of the curves and the sharpness of contrast, each and every detail was taken into consideration to make your reading even more enjoyable.

Touch screen and mechanical buttons

No compromise with the Cybook Muse HD! You can either turn pages directly on the screen or use the right and left buttons of the reader, perfectly located to facilitate the one-hand reading!

Download freely!

A digital eBookstore is available 24H24. Close to 300.000 French eBooks can be downloaded in few secondes via Wi-Fi connection. The Bookeen Store allows you to access the most important publishers catalogs and helps you to choose your next eBook, wherever you are! The readers can also connect to all online bookstores thanks to the web browser: you can download hundreds of thousands eBooks. Every reading desire is possible with your Cybook!

New PDF Reflow mode

For PDF users, this new software feature makes reading as easy as possible. Activate the feature and enjoy your flawless PDF reading.

Nearly one month of battery life

The choice of Cybook Muse HD is the choice of a companion that will follow you wherever you go in all of your daily readings, with a one-month battery life*.

*Reading about half an hour a day, with the Wi-Fi turned off.

Literary dictionary to enrich your readings

Three dictionaries (French, German, Italian) are offered with your Cybook. All you have to do is touch any word with your finger and its definition pops up immediately!

Offered e-library to start reading right away!

A library of hundred of eBooks is offered with the Cybook Muse HD and allows you to start reading as soon as you open the box!

A range of accessories for your Cybook Muse HD*

The 6mm Cybooks Muse HD folio covers offer a stylish protection which fits the reader like a glove! According to your preference, 6 beautiful colors exist: black, red vermilion, pink, orange, blue and green. 
*Box contains the Cybook, USB cable and the quick start guide only.

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Technical specifications

Screen E-ink HD screen (daylight readable)
16 grey levels
TOUCH SCREEN Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen (finger or adapted stylus only)
Weight 180gr/6.4oz (battery included)
Size 155 x 116 x 8 mm
Resolution 1072 x 1448, 300 dpi
FrontLight System

Leds front lighting: invisible laminated Light guide film

20 levels of FrontLight

Anti-glare treatment

Storage memory 8 GB
MicroSDHC card slot
Wireless Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)
Content ebook formats EPUB, PDF, HTML, TXT, FB2, DJVU
Content picture formats JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO, TIF, PSD
PERIPHERals USB synchronization and charge cable
BATTERY Rechargeable built-in Li-Polymer battery (1900mAh)
Battery life Up to 1 month (according to use, Wi-Fi disabled)
Buttons Dedicated buttons to turn pages + main Menu/FrontLight
Software features
  • PDF reflow / annotations manager / text search / bookmarks / highlights / literary dictionary / 20 font sizes / personalization screensaver mode / collections manager / reading progress
  • Web Browser WebKit Based

    BooReader - Bookeen multi-format eBook reader

    Adobe® Reader Mobile

    Languages The user interface is available in 30 languages: Czech, Danish, German, Dutch, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Slovak, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese, Bulgarian, Brasilian Portuguese, Estonian, Catalan, Basque and Galician.
    Firmware Upgrades OTA (Over The Air), SD card, USB connection
    Activation OTA (Over The Air), USB connection
    Offered content Over 100 books offered
    Warranty 1 year full service warranty